Vojta Lipták

Born and raised in Prague, Vojta is currently completing his medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine atvCharles University, so he will hopefully have been freshly made a medical doctor by the time Discover comes around. During his studies, he was always very interested in research and neurology, so his professional career will follow these directions in the future. Last year, he had the wonderful opportunity to experience being a research trainee at the Mayo Clinic in the US, where he spent his time on Alzheimer’s disease research, studying this mysterious disease. Apart from that, he really enjoys hanging around in Prague’s coffee shops, going to thrift stores and to galleries. He also did karate for a long time in his youth. At Discover, he will fill the position of an organizer and will also lead several workshops. This is his fourth time being an organiser at Discover and he is very excited to meet you all!

Session D

Art Against the Mainstream

Štěpán Folget

Biological Psychiatry

Aleksa Petković

Categories of Political Science

Gosha Evlanov

Contagion: infectious disease and society

Jana Lohrova

Cross-cultural studies 101

Mwika Kiarie

Defending Human Rights

Mirek Crha

History from Liberty to Liberation

Emma Nabi-Bourgois


Soňa Feciskaninová

Neuronal Biophysics

Sara Banovska

Positive psychology

Laura Opletalová

Sound, music, and science

Sol Johansen

Surveillance capitalism

Vašek Šmatera

Sustainable design

Mariana Ochodková

Theory of General Relativity

Bohdan Glisevic