Positive psychology

In this course, we will discuss what happiness means to us, how we can achieve it in our lives, and what psychology has to say about it. We will combine academic knowledge with practical exercises for everyday life.
We will look for ways to cultivate positive emotions and interpersonal relationships. This won’t be possible without discussing topics such as stress or trauma and how these are dealt with in positive psychology. The course will include specific exercises on mindfulness, gratitude, forgiveness and resilience.
We’ll also look at what factors affect well-being from a lifelong perspective and how to keep appreciating new things even when they are no longer new to us.
At the end of the course, we will be able to reflect on what has been useful for us and how we can look for ways to live a more fulfilled life.

Laura Opletalová

Laura is in the first year of her Master’s degree in Psychology at Charles University in Prague. Alongside her studies she has been working as a crisis interventionist at crisis hotlines – she previously worked as a consultant at Linka bezpečí, where she helped children and adolescents cope with crisis situations, and she now works with victims of crime and domestic violence at Bílý kruh bezpečí. Outside of work, she enjoys volunteering and developing her skills – she visited a Spanish farm in that serves as a job training and community center for people with mental disabilities, and she has worked to help people who experience mental illness and to recruit and support other volunteers at Fokus Prague. She enjoys doing different crafts, whether it is crocheting, macramé, sewing, or welding. She enjoys coffee, books, webcomics, cartoons, board games, and has a special place in her heart for beautiful infographics. During Discover, she also occupies the role of therapist.

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