Cross-cultural studies 101

In this course we will be trying to promote an understanding of the diversities and similarities of human behaviour across different societies and cultures in the world. The course seeks to ensure that we all develop a clear understanding of how cross-cultural interactions influence human behaviour, and therefore that we become better prepared to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and to understand the importance of cultural issues in global development.

The topics we will cover include the following: Introduction to cross cultural studies, the concept of cross-cultural studies; the history of cross-cultural studies; comparative studies of human behaviour, society and culture; cross-cultural handling and management: various races, religions, cultures and beliefs; gender and sexuality in a cross-cultural perspective; and the cross-cultural implications of physical attractiveness.

Students who attend this course are encouraged to relate the topics explored to the practical problems of social interaction within and across different cultural settings. No preparations are required before the class, but it is recommended to become acquainted with issues that relate to cultural diversity and multiculturalism in different contexts. This will allow for more meaningful exchanges during the sessions.

Mwika Kiarie

Mwika Kiarie was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, he is a second-year master’s student in Anthropology at the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai, China. This degree program is offered at the Institute of Anthropology based at the School of Social Development. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the Department of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies (DAGAS) of the University of Nairobi. When Mwika has time, he loves to travel to new places, and has visited 14 countries so far. Through this, he gets to embrace new cultures, meet new people, try out new cuisines and even learn new languages. At the moment, he can comfortably converse in 5 languages, namely: English, Swahili, Kenyan Sign Language, Kikuyu and Chinese. He is also currently struggling to speak some basic Portuguese. He loves to sing and dance, and was part of the Confucius Institute choir from 2017 to 2021, where he sang Tenor voice. Mwika is also a member of ECNU’s Bachata Dance club. Mwika is very passionate about volunteering and participating in charity activities, thus his membership in Impact Youth Liberia (where he is the Head Programme Moderator), the International fraternity of World Scouting, Xtreeme Generation, Heroes for change organization (he directly taught 34,184 pupils handwashing) and Live 2 give foundation. Through his membership in these organizations, he keeps contributing towards positive social change programs, service to the community and making visitations to children’s homes/orphanages and street children rehabilitation centres.

Session D

Art Against the Mainstream

Štěpán Folget

Biological Psychiatry

Aleksa Petković

Categories of Political Science

Gosha Evlanov

Contagion: infectious disease and society

Jana Lohrova

Cross-cultural studies 101

Mwika Kiarie

Defending Human Rights

Mirek Crha

History from Liberty to Liberation

Emma Nabi-Bourgois


Soňa Feciskaninová

Neuronal Biophysics

Sara Banovska

Positive psychology

Laura Opletalová

Sound, music, and science

Sol Johansen

Surveillance capitalism

Vašek Šmatera

Sustainable design

Mariana Ochodková

Theory of General Relativity

Bohdan Glisevic