Do you enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy, Private practise and House, M.D.? Do you want to understand medical memes on Instagram and medical reels on TikTok?

In this exciting journey through the realm of medicine, we’ll delve into the fundamental aspects of patient care and medical practice.

Throughout the course, we will cover patient examination. You’ll learn the art of taking anamnesis, unraveling the patient’s history to piece together vital clues for diagnosis and treatment.

We’ll dissect the complexities of pain perception and explore various strategies for effective pain management, ensuring comfort and well-being for our patients.

Next day we will focus on pharmacology – the mysteries of medications and their mechanisms of action.

Prevention is indeed better than cure, and we’ll dive into strategies for disease prevention and health promotion, emphasizing the significance of lifestyle choices and preventive healthcare measures.

We’ll enhance our communication skills to navigate challenging conversations with empathy and professionalism.

Moreover, we’ll dig deeper into some of the most common diseases, dissecting their pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and treatment modalities to foster a comprehensive understanding of illness and disease management.

Well, I can’t promise you will become Meredith Grey after 6 days of medicine course, but at least you may understand some medical memes and make more conscious decisions about aplying for med school, if you are considering it.

Soňa Feciskaninová

Sona is “chaotic sunshine” with passion for brazilian and portuguese culture. Sona is a medical doctor graduated in general medicine at the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. She spent part of her studies in Portugal at Universidade de Lisboa and in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she learned Portuguese. Her current career path is outpatient preventive care. She also has expierence working in the biggest hospital in Central Europe and working on a reasearch project about hereditary polyneuropathy. In the evenings she teaches Pilates classes on the mat and on the Reformer machines. She is working on a workout app UprightFlow for better posture and prevention of back pain. Sona likes coffee, unicorns, techno and Taylor Swift and will be teaching medicine course on Summer Academy Discover.

Session D

Art Against the Mainstream

Štěpán Folget

Biological Psychiatry

Aleksa Petković

Categories of Political Science

Gosha Evlanov

Contagion: infectious disease and society

Jana Lohrova

Cross-cultural studies 101

Mwika Kiarie

Defending Human Rights

Mirek Crha

History from Liberty to Liberation

Emma Nabi-Bourgois


Soňa Feciskaninová

Neuronal Biophysics

Sara Banovska

Positive psychology

Laura Opletalová

Sound, music, and science

Sol Johansen

Surveillance capitalism

Vašek Šmatera

Sustainable design

Mariana Ochodková

Theory of General Relativity

Bohdan Glisevic