Art Against the Mainstream

Throughout modern art history, new ways of creation have more often than not been defined by a negation of what came before them. Van Gogh went against representing reality by strictly copying what he sees, Magritte went against the laws of what we call real, Warhol went against the notion that art has to be opposed to consumerism, Abramović went against art being material. With all these negations having already been explored, how does one make art in the 21st century? And, asking the bigger question, how do we define art?

In this course, we will learn how artistic research is different from what is normally thought of as research, how to explore ideas and find new ways of seeing, and how to apply them into practice. We will go over a short overview of contemporary art, have structured debates about it and through that learn more about our own ways of creation.

The course will be atelier-lead, which means that it will be an open space for creation and the debate of ideas, objects, gesamtkunstwerks, and a space where no idea is right or wrong and where participation should be enjoyable and non-hierarchical. It will be a get-together of people who need to create art and want to talk and learn about it.

There are no prerequisites for attending this course: it is not necessary to „know how to draw“, or to have extensive knowledge of the art world. The only thing you need is interest and passion.

Štěpán Folget

Štěpán comes from a small town in the north-west of Czechia. His interest in cosplay and sneaker culture led him to study design at the Technical University of Liberec, where he is currently finishing his studies. Apart from that, he has spent a year abroad in Germany thanks to the Erasmus+ programme. His work in design focuses on counter-cultures and going against the grain of things that are considered normal or acceptable, while his free work mainly tackles the notions of identity, anxiety and bodily tension. He also loves working with excerpts from his current favourite songs. Štěpán’s huge interest in his free time is linguistics and learning languages — he is currently learning hungarian, but it’s not going well at all. Don’t ask him about grammatical cases, or he’ll cry. He also loves to cook, paint and read. Apart from that he writes poetry and prose.

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Art Against the Mainstream

Štěpán Folget

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