Katarina Jovanovic

Kaia was born and raised in a small town in Serbia, before being awarded a scholarship which enabled her to complete her high school education at the United World College of Adriatic in Italy. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Italian (because she’s a hopeless romantic and was not quite ready to let go of Italy) at Huron University College in London, Canada. There, she also works as a research assistant, a wellness associate and a library assistant. Her research focuses on music perception, memory and language processing, and she loves talking about these topics. In her free time, Kaia tries to give back by volunteering in a local women’s shelter on a Crisis and Support call line, but you can also find her reading or tending to her many plants. Although she aspires to pursue a Graduate degree in Experimental rather than Clinical Psychology, she is passionate about creating safe spaces and destigmatizing mental health, so she tries to make herself available for anyone needing to talk – reach out!

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