Music: From Science to Creative Process

Music. Is it just a combination of diverse frequencies, or a companion, a guide through our everyday life? In reality, we are surrounded by sound and music all the time, the relentless soundscape influencing our everyday life, sometimes without us realising it. Why does music exist? Do we need it?

In the first part of our course, we will delve into the conceptualization of music through the lens of Ethnomusicology. This will help us understand music from historical, social, cultural and anthropological points of view. With the help of psychology, we will briefly question the bounds to which music affects us individually and attempt to put it in the context of cultural heritage.

Understanding the theoretical basis of music’s place in society and comprehending its full impact is essential to prepare for the practical side of music making. What does it mean to be a musician, to create music?

In part two of the course, we will write a song together. We will look at different songwriting techniques, lyricism and the basics of rhythm, melody and harmony on a level that will bring us all together. We will prove music is for everyone and everyone can participate.

Laura Prachárová

Laura studied a Bachelors course in Popular Music Performance (Vocals) & Songwriting at BIMM (short for British and Irish Modern Music University) in London. Her journey in music started early on when she decided to take on guitar lessons. Since the age of 9 she played many gigs with multiple bands. In 2019 she released her debut song with Slovak alternative synth pop band Sushicide and in 2020 she decided to move to London to try it on the UK scene. She’s currently a member of 3 bands, FUYARA where she’s the main songwriter and lead vocalist, The Milk Funnel where she sings the lead vocal and Thorne where she plays guitar. She does 1:1 support for individuals with learning disabilities, autism, dementia and special needs for living. In her life she has tried out various creative arts such as theatre, creative writing and painting, all of which opened her perceptiveness to the creative world. Her favourite free time activities are yoga, swimming, jogging and reading books.

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