Imagining For a Better Future

In what world do I want to live? In this experimental course, we will collectively venture beyond the bounds of imagination and explore the shapes of our future as we would like it to be. Through interactive activities and methods of radical imagination, we will dissolve notions of how the world works as we know it and dare to create the world we desire. We will examine life in the Anthropocene, perceive the obstacles it presents, and radically depart from the entrenched tracks of the status quo. We will delve into the depths from which our passion to create a better world arises and unveil the forms of social transformation and systemic change. Our common goal will be to explore societal narratives and narratives that we can collectively create and implement. What might the story of our world look like, in which we live in harmony and abundance with the living and non-living beings around us?

Žofie Hobzíková

Zofie studied biology with a focus on ecology and environmental protection in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upon returning to Prague, she joined the Extinction Rebellion movement, where she actively participated for a year and became involved with the topic of citizens‘ assemblies. In 2020 she co-founded the Platform for Citizens‘ Assemblies, which aims to bring this form of deliberative democracy to the Czech Republic. She trains politicians, civil servants, and individuals striving for systemic change. Currently, she collaborates with a government commissioner for human rights on implementing a national citizens‘ assembly on the topic of energy poverty. She enjoys exploring our collective resources that help us to actively confront the challenges that we are facing as a society amidst numerous existential crises. She is part of the Jezevky action collective, organizing artistic interventions in public spaces. She also facilitates support groups for individuals with the Snowflakes collective, who are grappling with difficult emotions triggered by the climate crisis, and for those feeling oppressed by patriarchal structures. She enjoys swimming in cold rivers and practices yoga and meditation.

Turnus E

AI and Particle Physics

Oliver Matonoha

Contemporary City Planning

Soňa Ondrejčáková

Economics for the 21st century

Kristina Zindulková

Imagining For a Better Future

Žofie Hobzíková

Law and Climate

David Chytil

Medical Science in the 21. century

Václav Melenovský

Music: From Science to Creative Process

Laura Prachárová

Nationalism Good, Bad and Ugly

Hubert Otevřel


Anežka Zemanová

Technology and Humanity

Jakub Křikava

The Arab Middle East

Adéla Provazníková