Medical Science in the 21. century

From the perspective of major (and minor) medical discoveries, we will discuss how humanity acquires the knowledge and skills needed to treat maladies from infectious diseases to cancer or heart attacks. Through interactive seminars, discussions, analyses scientific literature and hands-on work, participants will learn about (medical) research, gain understanding of diseases that trouble us the most and view health from many different angles. Topics we will cover include evidence-based medicine (how are studies conducted? what are biases?), cardiovascular diseases – the most common cause of death in developed countries (what exactly is a heart attack and how does modern treatment look like?), microbiology, antibiotics and public health (why not use antibiotics for a cold? what diseases affect developing countries?), diseases of civilization (how does diabetes develop from a cellular perspective? how to use modern technologies to treat it?) and cancer (what exactly is it? how does screening work?). Interest in science and medicine is not a requirement; we welcome all who are fascinated by the workings of the human body!

Václav Melenovský

Vašek currently works at a university hospital in Prague as a physician specializing in internal medicine with a focus on cardiology (heart diseases). He combines work with patients at the bedside with doctoral studies, where he researches arrhythmias at his alma mater – the Third Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. His course will look at the integration of science and research with medicine and various perspectives on health. A Prague native, he siezes every opportunity to get out of the city to camp and hike in the woods and mountains. He was active in scouting for many years, leading a scout group and educational and experiental events. During his medical studies, he founded the project Medici na ulici, which provides healthcare for the homeless and now operates throughout the Czech Republic. In his free time, he enjoys running and bouldering, reads a bit (articles and poetry), or listens to podcasts.

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