Contemporary City Planning

Do you ever wonder why you live where you live? How do you go to school: on foot, by car or by public transport? And now imagine that your environment would look exactly as you dream it. What would your typical day look like then? Our environment affects us every day, so let’s learn more about it!

In this course, we will look at the beauty and complexity of urbanism and spatial planning. The science of cities fascinates me because of its diversity: we will deal primarily with social topics, but we will analyze them through different lenses, be it psychology, politics, or the climate crisis. We can also look at the individual, as well as at society and the dilemmas that arise from it. We will look at the history of cities and how the needs of each era were reflected in buildings and the environment. Equality and rights of people in cities and regulations are also hot topics. Personally, I really enjoy the topic of transportation from bike lanes, highways, roads and trams. The beauty of urban planning is also that we can argue with data, but also with people’s thoughts and feelings – we just have to find a balance.

Every day we will look at a different topic. We always start with a small introduction, followed by discussions and interactive activities. We will also draw and plan! We will look at the following topics:
– Introduction: Czechoslovak cities and the effects of planning over the centuries
– History of cities from Rome to American car metropolises
– Transport infrastructure of today
– Fairness in cities: who has what rights?
– Climate crisis: how will we have to adapt to it?
– Conclusion: How can you change your city? + model situations

The course is intended for all curious Discover students! No previous knowledge is necessary – we will mainly talk to each other. Whether you are fascinated by your everyday environment, enjoy playing games like City Skylines, or are interested in ancient Rome, everyone will find something for themselves on the course!

Soňa Ondrejčáková

Soňa has been studying in regional/city planning and urbanism for thee years, however she discovered her passion for her field at Discover 6 years ago. She studies in the Dutch city of Groningen, but she also enriched her studies with an exchange stay in the United States at the University of Washington, focusing on (landscape) architecture and urban design. She gained practical experience in the field during internships at the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava. She is engaged in Slovak public life, and would like to work in public administration after school. She is looking forward to Discover mainly because of the community and the great experiences she will have for the fifth time. She has enjoyed event management for several years, and she is happy that she can turn her hobby into such a great event as Discover. She cares about the community around her and is very proactive in solving problems, for example as a program representative to the faculty. She is sctive in the topic of studying abroad as a former president and active member of the civic association Unimak. In her free time, you can probably find her scrambling on rocks, either real or artificial in the climbing hall. She looks forward to any trip to nature, and likes to learn new techniques in difficult terrain. After his bachelor’s degree, she plans to take a gap year(s) and work either in Prague or Bratislava, either in a private security firm or in public administration or municipality.

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