Session Coordinator

Katarína Kováčová

Katka comes from Banská Bystrica, but for the sixth year, she has been studying and working in Brno. She is based in two non-for-profit organizations: in NaZemi she works as a global education lecturer and is part of the degrowth team, whose main goal is to spread awareness about the economic concept of „degrowth“ in the Czech environment. In the organization called Re-set, she’s focusing on insurance campaigning – making insurance companies adopt stronger policies around insuring fossil fuels. She’s been active in the climate movement for the past four years. Her politicization happened mainly in the grassroot collective Limity Jsme My, which strives for climate justice and the transition to a post-growth economy through civil disobedience. Katka has a bachelor’s degree in environmental and European studies from Masaryk University and is currently finishing her master’s degree in environmental studies. Her great passion is community living, radical well-being, and creating cracks in the system, such as climate camps, in which people can create a different world together. By the fire, she would love to talk to you about her love for houseplants, her love for Portugal, or how not to burn out from studies and activism (she is still trying to figure that out herself).

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