Klára Voráčková

Tris is a physiotherapy student at 3rd faculty of Charles University. She really enjoys discovering this field even though she always wanted to be a biologist and has no idea how did she appeared here! Her hobbies are for example music, animal training, teaching sex-ed, discussing with friends about variety of topics etc. She loves to be engaged in all of the interesting social events around her. She was a president of a school parliament at her grammar school, founded a queer society at her faculty at uni and helps with organization of some events. The biggest part of her life (exept for school) is a canistherapy. She does dog-assisted therapies for children in kindergatrtens, people with special needs and disabilities and also for pensioners. On the other hand she has realized that she also needs some „quiet alone time“ in privacy when she can just rest, drink tee and cuddle her dog, othervise she gets too overwhelmed. Finding a balance between being socially active and feeling ok has been an important topic for her recently. She is looking forward to talk with all of you about any topics that you are interested in!

Session D

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Theory of General Relativity

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