Information regarding the coronavirus epidemic: We are hopeful that Discover Summer Academy is going to happen as planned. If we are forced to cancel the session due to the pandemic, we are going to fully reimburse everyone, who has applied before 31st March 2020. More information coming soon.

Apply early to increase the chance of being accepted! Make sure you read through the important information below and then submit your application.


9th – 16th August 2020


Sv. Jan pod Skalou, Czech Republic (30 minutes by bus from Prague).


St. John’s College, a former Benedictine monastery that now houses a teaching college. The bedrooms and classes have been recently renovated, and the college also includes spacious grounds that can be used for sport activities.


The participation fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be a vegetarian option, and we will also accommodate special dietary requirements.

Who can apply

Discover is open to high-school students from any country who will graduate from high school (and therefore be eligible to enter university) in any year between 2020 and 2023 (2024 for bilingual high schools).

Language requirements

It is important that your English skills allow you to actively participate in courses, workshops and other activities. English skills equivalent to B2 (e.g. FCE) or above are appropriate (no certificates required). In other words, if you are able to watch TED talks without subtitles and then discuss them with your friends in English, you will be fine.

Application details

Participation fee

Discover Summer Academy is a fully non-profit organization and all team members at all levels are volunteers. Despite that, it does cost money to organize a Discover session. Apart from your room and board for the week, we need to pay for advertisement and organizational costs, including preparation and travel for team members. There are no salaries paid out to team members. When we divided these costs by the expected number of participants, we got to the sum of 240€. You can choose from the following three options:

  1. I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE FULLY AND I AM ABLE TO DO SO (€240) – covers your accommodation, course supplies,  and all other costs associated with smooth running of the week. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. I CAN CONTRIBUTE MORE BECAUSE IT HELPS (€270 or more). If you can contribute more, every euro can push Discover further and higher. Over a hundred volunteers work all year round to improve the quality of Discover and to deliver four sessions full of perfect courses and exciting programme. Extra resources go towards not only new courses and content, but they primarily allow more students to experience Discover first hand. More than 25% of students would not be able to afford Discover without our scholarship programme. Without the support of those who have the option to contribute further we would never be able to offer this option. And you can be a part of this. In your application you can choose how much you are able contribute. Every euro helps!
  3. I WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE FULLY, BUT I CAN’T AFFORD IT (€170 or less) – We want Discover to be as diverse as possible and we believe that access to education should not be determined by any financial hardship your family is experiencing. In the essay part of the application, please describe your circumstances in an open manner, and we will do our best to support you. Everything you write will remain completely confidential, and we will only ask for extra information if we really need it. Dozens of students come to Discover every year on a scholarship, and you could be one of them!


We understand that people in different countries, and different people within each country, have very different ability to pay the participation fee. You can apply for the scholarship in your application based on the financial circumstances of your family. Applying for a scholarship will not in any way influence your overall chance of being admitted.

How to apply

Application process

Apply by filling in the application here. The applications will close when the capacity of the international session is filled. Applications submitted in each month will be evaluated together, and we will inform you around the 15th day of the following month (if you submit your application by the 29th of February, you will hear from us around the 15th of March) whether you have been admitted, you have been placed on a waiting list or your application has not been successful. If not admitted, candidates will be given the chance to revise their essays and reapply in the next application round.

Selection process

Use the form in the link below to apply. Focus mainly on the argumentative essay. When assessing your essay, we will be looking at the following criteria:

  • definition of the topic
  • argument for the given topic
  • argument against the given topic
  • your opinion on the given topic

You can choose one of the following topics:

  1. Prolonging human life should be the priority of scientific research.
  2. Each government should set up a specialized police unit to control internet discussions
  3. Modern art is not art.
  4. Sports which significantly threaten human life should be prohibited.

The length of the essay should be 200 to 400 words. We would like to get to know you better based on your answers.

We want to emphasize that there are no correct answers to these questions and the process is more important than the result.

Good luck!

The earlier you send your application, the better the chance you have of being admitted! Apply now.

Application dates

We have four deadlines this year:

  • For Early Birds: 20 January to 31 January 2020 (you will receive the decision by 15 February)
  • For Strategists: 1 February to 29 February 2020 (you will receive the decision by 15 March)
  • For Ms/Mr Chill: 1 March to 31 March 2020 (you will receive the decision by 15 April)
  • For Procrastinators: 1 April to 30 April 2020 (you will receive the decision by 15 May)