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#2 Svatý Jan pod Skalou


#3 Svatý Jan pod Skalou


#4 Podskalie


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Information regarding the coronavirus epidemic

We are hopeful that Discover Summer Academy is going to happen as planned. If we are forced to cancel the session due to the epidemic, we are going to fully reimburse everyone, who has applied before 31st March 2020. We do not take this situation lightly. We monitor the developments closely and we will act accordingly. More information coming soon.

What is Discover

Discover is a week-long immersion into asking questions and answering them alongside a hundred interesting, bright and lovely people. You’ll choose two academic courses delivered at university level. It’s a great opportunity to try out medicine, machine learning or modern history under the guidance of brilliant tutors hailing from leading international and Czechoslovak universities. You’ll attend several elective workshops where you’ll learn how to set up a non-profit, how to stop procrastinating or why you should worry about overconsumption of antibiotics. We’ll think deeply and in dialogue with others who are just as invested. Discover will help you explore what you want to study in the future, what you can achieve and who you can become.

We are looking for you!

  • If you like thinking about how the world works,
  • If you prefer true understanding to simple memorizing of facts,
  • If you’re ready to work on yourself.

“It was a very inspiring experience for me that has enriched me in many ways. Summer Academy Discover has changed me for the better and I am grateful to the organizers for giving me the opportunity. I will miss you!”