What is Discover summer academemy?

Discover Summer Academy is a one-week summer holiday event where you can learn from incredible experts in different fields. Discover Summer Academy offers a wide range of courses where, through experiments, simulations, games, and discussions, participants discover topics that they’re excited about or that they want to study in the future.



At Discover, we believe in holistic development, which is why all the courses we offer are interactive. Each student chooses 2 courses from those offered at the session they want to attend. In 2024, students can choose from 71 courses across disciplines such as:

  • STEM (artificial intelligence, maths, medicine, neurobiology)
  • Social sciences (the economics of decarbonisation, positive psychology, human rights protection in practice)
  • Practical courses (photography, yoga and meditation, first aid)
  • Humanities (law and ethics, history) 
  • Arts (sustainable design, architecture)


Discover Summer Academy offers much more than just a variety of courses. The programme for the summer is developed throughout the year and relies on a holistic and experiential approach to education. This way, each student discovers his*her own “inner fire” during the week.

  • The Night Behind the Curtain is a traditional activity that helps to destigmatise the topic of mental health and brings tutors/organisers and students closer together.
  • The afternoon Life Fair offers the opportunity for all students to go up to tutors and organisers and discuss almost any topics they have a common interest in, from studying abroad to choosing a major, through low-cost travel or meditation. 
  • The experience game introduces students to the complexities of life in life-sized simulations where they take on different roles, experience first-hand how the world can work. 
  • The workshops are as diverse as the community. Examples include: politically-engaged arts; culture and sexuality; improvisational theatre; swing; magic; cheap travel; selected topics in psychology (e.g. working with stress, giftedness…); flowers; development and humanitarian aid in practice; what you can do for the climate; listening to music and sounds; studying medicine; ballet for everyone; hitchhiking in Europe; slacklining; crash course on the Western Balkans; studying abroad; film photography; climbing; everything you wanted to know about the EU and were afraid to ask; environmental psychology; the basics of conducting an empathetic conversation, etc.


Discover is a community that wants to be open to everyone regardless of their background and means: we don’t want anyone to be unable to go to the Summer Academy just because the registration fee is too high for them. As a result, we offer scholarships based on individual needs. This year the basic participation fees vary depending on the location of the session and range from 269-329 EUR. If this amount is a barrier for your family or you come from a socially disadvantaged background, you can apply for a scholarship up to the full amount. The application form is part of the application form, you just need to truthfully describe the reasons for the fee reduction and your family situation. Fees can be partially reduced or even completely waived (full scholarship). For more information, please see the Application section.