Love of learning, respect and appreciation for diversity, and a sense of civic engagement. Above all, Discover is a community of inspiring people from all corners of the world who dedicate their time to sharing their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm through Discover Summer Academy, as well as the year-round programme Discover Yourself, online webinars and mentoring. The goal of Discover, and the motivation of all members of the Discover community, is to seek answers to all kinds of questions and challenges in the world, to expand one’s horizons, and to awaken that enthusiasm in others. 

Since 2011, over 1,700 students have gone through Discover.

Discover Summer Academy

  • Our flagship program since 2011,
  • 5 sessions for a total of 400 high school students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad (2 international sessions) during the summer holidays,
  • a week full of courses and workshops during which you get to learn about new fields, have discussions, develop your thoughts and discover what you are passionate about.

Discover Yourself

  • 6 weekend sessions during the year for 15 students, led by a mentor and with interesting guests,
  • a weekend focused on 1-2 fields of study (economics, law, IT, sociology, technology…),
  • focus on self-development and year-round happenings in a tight-knit group.

Internships and mentoring

  • Discover internships involve high school students in the organisation of all Discover activities, allowing you to see how things work in a non-profit organisation and what it takes to prepare and run summer programs for several hundred people.
  • You can also engage in year-round mentoring and consult with tutors on anything you need help with.

OUR VALUES – Love for knowledge, respect and appreciation for diversity, civic engagement


Discover Summer Academy was founded in 2011 by Slovak and Czech students at the university of Oxford. Their original goal was to provide high school students with the opportunity to experience the inspiring way of learning about interesting subjects that they knew from their Oxford colleges. The first Discover summer camp was held that year and over time the summer academies have transformed: Discover has broadened its scope and gradually adopted a more holistic approach to self-development that is not just focused on academics. All who give their time to Discover Summer Academy are volunteer(s). Their only reward is the opportunity to positively impact a new generation of students and the tight-knit community of inspiring individuals that has formed around Discover.