Discover Ambassadors

Have you already experienced the Discover Summer Academy and want to pass on your “inner fire”? Do you want to spread the thirst for knowledge, show your classmates what they are missing out on, or do you just want to help us? Sign up to be an ambassador and present at your school! 

Help us give a talk at your high school and allow other students to enjoy Discover with us. We even have a reward for you in the form of a fee discount for the session or extra limited edition Discover bags.


What is it?

Discover is a project that you have to experience, it can’t simply be captured by a poster like a high school camp or summer school is. Many of your classmates miss the opportunity to apply to Discover Summer Academy every year simply because no one tells them what it’s all about. And that’s a shame. That’s why we’d love for you to become a Discover Ambassador, give a talk at your school, and help us grow the Discover community!

We have two kinds of Ambassadorship:

Maximum Ambassadorship

  • You will give a talk about Discover to other students at your school (alone or in a pair). It’s up to you how many people or classes the presentation is for, and whether it’s during or after school. 
  • We will provide you with materials, from slides to posters.

Giving this talk will allow you to attend a FREE seminar on presentation skills (which may be useful in the future), redeem a 30 EUR DISCOUNT for the Summer Academy, or get a limited edition Discover tote bag. 

Chill Ambassadorship

  • At your high school, you put us in touch with the school administration or someone on the teaching staff to arrange for us to come to your school and give a presentation,
  • Alternatively, we will ask this person to tell the students/teachers about us.
  • Or, you arrange for your school, student council or an active student group to share info about us on their social media/website.

What’s in it for you? A good feeling! You’ll be introducing your schoolmates to a great project that will broaden their horizons, and you’ll be helping Discover! You’re guaranteed a limited edition Discover tote bag.


We'd love to have presentations (organised by you or us) between January and March 2024. We'll work out the date together, of course.