Other Activities

Discover Internships

Discover Internships are a year-round programme for students of the Discover Summer Academy, which aims to provide young talents with an opportunity to gain their first professional experience whilst still at high school. The Internship programme runs throughout one school-year semester. During their time with Discover, the interns become an inseparable part of the Discover organization team and its subcommittees, including marketing, fundraising, logistics, and web development 

The Internship programme was renewed to its current form in 2020. It welcomes around 30 talented students every year. We are striving to improve the internship programme every step of the way. Our primary goal is to help the students to develop practical and professional skills, expand the Discover community, and facilitate transition of know-how among different Discover generations. 

Under the supervision of experienced Discoverers, the interns contribute to the complex organization of Discover events and activities. The Internship Programme includes practical skills workshops and professional development sessions. We expect our interns to be actively engaged with the organization and improvement of Discover. The Internships are concluded with Interns’ presentations on their time during the Internship.

Intern Applications open towards the end of the year. Anyone who is still at high school AND has participated at least once at Discover Summer Academy is eligible to apply. 

Discover Clubs

Discover Clubs are informal groups of students, as well as tutors and organisators of Discover. The Clubs set their own programme. On an equal basis, the students and tutors discuss anything they are currently interested in or curious about.