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You can start your application here: REGISTRATION Before that, please read the following information.

You can start your application here. Before that, please read the following information.

In short:

  • You are a high school student with an interest to explore and grow, no matter the school results and marks
  • Applications for international session are now closed, for CZ/SK sessions we strongly recommend to apply as soon as possible
  • Summer Academy Discover costs 260€, you can apply for a scholarship or pay more to help us improve
  • You can apply for free, you will be asked to pay after your application will be evaluated (and successful)
  • We are evaluating applications on a monthly basis – you will receive the decision by the 15th of next month after sending your application


  • You are a student of high school of any kind, expecting to finish by 2026
  • You are at least 15 years old by the time the international session starts


  • A deeper interest in topics our courses cover
  • An interest to spend one week of your summer on an unforgettable summer academy
  • An ability to demonstrate your own opinion and a will to listen to others

Application success is not affected by:

  • Your grades at school.
  • Your previous participation at the Summer Academy Discover.
  • Your financial status. It is okay if you cannot afford to pay the full price.
  • Your nationality or country of origin.
  • Whether you are 15 or 19 years old.


Applications are now closed.

FEE and scholarships

260 EUR
260 EUR or more
I can help by contributing more

An option to apply for a scholarship of up to 220€

The Discover Summer Academy is a non-profit activity, but it still costs something. In addition to your accommodation, meals and aid, we also need to pay for the marketing campaign, administration and costs of the organising team, including their preparation and travel costs. None of the organisers receives a salary. When we divided all these costs by the expected number of participants, we came to 240 euros.

Do not hesitate to submit your application even if you are unsure whether you will be able to pay the fee – applying costs nothing and we have a budget for providing scholarships for students in justified cases. Please, explain the reasons for applying for a scholarship. It should include:

  • Your family situation
  • Employments of your parents/caregivers
  • Unexpected expenses

Even though it may seem as an invasion of your privacy, no one except the evaluator will see your scholarship application and it will be deleted once settled. Please, bear in mind your scholarship application may not be successful.

Only accepted applications will be asked to pay the fee they selected upon filing an application. You can ask for a scholarship application even after paying your fee. However, if we do not receive your payment or your payment transfer request before the deadline, your application will be declined and you will not be able to apply again.

Capacity of Discover Summer Academy International Session

Sessions have a total capacity of 80 students. Available places remain:

Session D

7th of August – 14th of August
Sv. Jan pod Skalou CZ

Applications are now closed.

Selection process

All applicants fill in the application, which has three parts. In the first you choose your preferred courses, in the second one you answer 3 simple questions and in the last, you fill in personal data and your fee selection.

The data from the evaluated part are decisive for you being accepted to the Discover Summer Academy. While this evaluation takes place separately within the tours – i.e. registered for Session C is not compared with the application for Turnus D, it will happen if you are transferred to a different session. Of course, that is not possible for international students.

Our great evaluators only look at how you answered these three questions in the evaluated part, not how your answers were structured or what position you took. We want to see sincere interest, ideas and the ability to express your thoughts.


  • You have answered the asked question in full and explained your answers.
  • You have shown a sufficient level of English (B2 or more)

Exactly. Just meet these conditions and you are almost certain to participate in Summer Academy Discover. Don’t forget – capacities are limited and applying later may mean that the session will be full. 

In the middle of the month after the end of the application round, you will receive a Decision on your application, which will be available on the Log-in portal and in the sent e-mail, which will be supplemented with payment information and future instructions in case of your success.


The application may be unsuccessful for two reasons – it did not meet the evaluation criterium, the capacity of the primary tour is not sufficient or both. In any case, the alternative for international students is the following (for Czech and Slovak applicants there are more options available and they can find them in the Czech or Slovak version of the webpage):


If the application sent from February to April was unsuccessful (no matter the reason), the applicant can apply again during the next registration deadlines (the applicant can apply in case of unfavourable circumstances up to 4 times). Please note that previously unsuccessful applications will not affect your further applications.

Filling in the application

Use the form in the link below to log in. Focus your attention on the second part of the application (evaluated part). We recommend that you observe the following criteria when answering them:

  • Answer honestly and give your thoughts a clear structure and concise content. We expect 50-100 words to suffice, but the upper limit is 150.
  • If you have trouble answering the question, we encourage you to find the information on our website. You may also talk to friends who have already participated in Discover or we can also help – just write to us at

The maximum word limit for every question is 150 words. There is no lower limit, but there is a high chance that brief answers will not be enough for you to pass the application process successfully.

Three easy questions are waiting for you:

  1. What was your motivation behind applying to the Summer Academy Discover 2022?
  2. Why did you choose these two courses as your preferred ones?
  3. Select one of the following statements, take a stand on it and explain your position. Note: You do not have to agree with the statement – you can both oppose it or take a neutral position.

Remember, there is no right answer, and the means are more important than the end. Our goal is to get to know you better.

We wish you luck!

You can apply on the page Registration.