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You can start your application here: REGISTRATION Before that, please read the following information.

You can start your application here. Before that, please read the following information.

You can sign up if:

  • You are a secondary school student in Czech Republic, Slovakia or any foreign country with expected date of graduation between 2021 and 2024 (2025 for bilingual courses).

Why are we looking for someone like you? You are:

  • Interested in the topics offered by the courses at the Summer Academy Discover 2021?
  • Able to dedicate some time before the start of the Summer Academy Discover 2021 for preparation?
  • Able to construct your own opinion and listen to others?

Your success in the selection process is not based on:

  • Your grades at school.
  • Your previous participation at the Summer Academy Discover.
  • Your financial status. It is okay if you cannot afford to pay the full price.


This year, we have four deadlines for students:


240 eur or less
I cannot pay the full amount
240 EUR
240 EUR or more
I can help by contributing more

The Discover Summer Academy is a non-profit activity, but it still costs something. In addition to your accommodation, meals and aids, we also need to pay for the promotion, administration and costs of the organising team, including their preparation and travel. None of the organisers receives a fee. When we divided all these costs by the expected number of participants, we came to 240 euros. This sum applies to Czech and Slovak students, and international students may receive a lower fee depending on their country of origin (if they ask for it). Nevertheless, there are three options you can choose from:

  • I WANT AND CAN I PAY THE FULL AMOUNT (240 €). Two hundred forty euros covers your accommodation, meals and other costs for the whole week and its preparation. Nothing more and nothing less. 
  • I CAN CONTRIBUTE MORE BECAUSE IT WILL HELP (270 € and more). If you have the opportunity, even a few euros will help the Summer Academy Discover! Up to a hundred volunteers work hard each year to improve Discover’s quality and prepare five sessions full of perfect courses and program. We will use the resources to implement new courses and programs but mainly enable more students to experience Discover. Up to 20% of all great students can come to Discover only thanks to a scholarship fund. Without the support of those who have the opportunity to contribute more, we would not be able to provide that opportunity. You can also help us by choosing the exact amount you can contribute to the application. Every extra euro will help us!
  • I CANNOT PAY THE FULL AMOUNT (170€ or less). We want Discover to be as diverse as possible, and we believe that the thickness of the wallet should not determine access to education. Please describe your situation openly to us on the essay page, and we will try to meet your needs. Everything you write will remain completely confidential. Every year we have dozens of participants who would not afford Discover without a fee reduction.

Don’t be put off by the application if you’re worried that you can’t pay any of the possible fees. The application is free, and we have the funds set aside to reduce the cost in justified cases. All you have to do is tell us the truth about your financial situation. We are aware that this is sensitive data, but for us to be able to evaluate your application as best we can, please state the following – the occupations of your parents (do not express their income), or the family situation (e.g. a number of siblings, care of the grandparent etc.), or unexpected expenses that have occurred (or will occur) recently (soon). You can trust us not to share this information.

Successful applicants will be asked to pay a fee to the account of the Slovak Debate Association. Details can be found in the section “Registered”. Anyone who does not pay the price by the set deadline, or if we disagree on a postponement, will vacate their place at the Summer Academy Discover. As we cannot guarantee international transactions to be on time, international students will be asked to send their payments as soon as possible.

Capacity of Discover Summer Academy International Session

Sessions have a total capacity of 80 students. Available places remain:

Session B

8.8. – 15.8.2021
Sv. Jan, CZ

Other sessions are available in Czech and Slovak.
Registration is now closed for all sessions.

Selection process

All the applicants have to fill out a form made of 3 sections. The first one asks for your personal information. The second one has few more steps inside – you have to choose your preferred sessions(International students can only apply to international session), what courses you want to choose for your primary session and the amount you can pay. We will evaluate your application solely based on the third section, also called the evaluated one. We are looking at your three answers to reasonably easy questions. To ease your stress, we are only comparing your application with the ones for the session you have applied for. 

Applicants are chosen depending on how they answered our three motivational questions (in the evaluated part).

We are looking for:

  • Your honest responses that answer the question in its full extent.
  • Your ability to describe and define your motivation, expectations and decisions.
  • Your ability to use the English language to help you answer the questions.

If the applicant:

  • Fulfils all the conditions, he/she is automatically admitted to his/her first choice session(only if the capacity allows that) at the Summer Academy Discover 2021. If there are no free spaces, the applicant can choose to be transferred to his/her secondary choice or wait on the waiting list of his/her preferred session. 
  • Meets all but one condition and sends the application on time, he/she can be still admitted. If there is no free space, we will handle the application as chosen by the applicant – transferred to another session or moved to the waiting list.
  • Did not meet any requirements, the application will be considered unsuccessful, with the option to apply in the next application round (if there is one).
It is important to note the language skills are also assessed. The application is the only place to assess them, meaning an insufficient level of language skills in answered questions will result in the rejection of your application. We take the Beginner and Elementary level of English (A1, A2) as insufficient. We consider Upper-Intermediate (B2) as the starting sufficient level.

In addition to the quality of the evaluated part, the registration time is decisive. We assess applications at monthly intervals. Those who have applied sooner have a bigger chance of being accepted. The same applies within one application deadline. If two applicants within one deadline have the same rating, the one that applies sooner will take precedence.

We accept applications in several deadlines from the start of registration in January until we fill our capacity, no later than May. The sooner you apply, the better chance you will have of being accepted.

In the middle of the month after the end of the application deadline, you will receive a Decision on your application, which will be available on the Log-in portal and in the e-mail sent to you, supplemented with payment information and future instructions in case of your success.

Unsuccessful application

The application may be unsuccessful for two reasons – it did not meet at most one of the evaluation criteria, the capacity of the primary tour is not sufficient or both. In any case, the alternative for international students is following (for Czech and Slovak applicants there are more options available and they can find them in Czech or Slovak version of the webpage):


f the application sent in January to April was unsuccessful (no matter the reason), the applicant can apply again during the next registration deadlines (the applicant can apply in case of unfavourable circumstances up to 4 times). Please note that previously unsuccessful applications will not affect your further applications.

Filling in the application

Use the form in the link below to log in. Focus your attention on the third part of the application (evaluated part). We recommend that you observe the following criteria when answering them:

  • Answer honestly and give your thoughts a clear structure and concise content. We expect 50-100 words to suffice, but the upper limit is 150
  • If you have trouble answering the question, we encourage you to find the information on our website. You may also talk to friends who have already participated in Discover or we can also help – just write to us at

The maximum word limit for every question is 150 words. There is no lower limit, but there is a high chance that brief answers will not be enough for you to pass the application process successfully.

Three easy questions are waiting for you:

  1. What was your motivation behind applying to the Summer Academy Discover 2021?
  2. Why did you choose these two courses as your preferred ones?
  3. What are your expectations of the Summer Academy Discover 2021?

Remember, there is no right answer, and the means are more important than the end. Our goal is to get to know you better.

Good luck!

You can apply on the Registration page.