Przemyslaw (Shem) Glowacki

Shem is a gay Romani, aspiring theatre-maker, actor, and writer. He began the journey of reclaiming his heritage by connecting to the source of his Romanipen: India. Shem soon found himself drawn toward Hindu spirituality, tarot, and witchcraft. He runs a TikTok page where he lays cards and educates people on toxic spirituality, racism, and the lives of Roma. Knowing the struggle of being queer and Romani, he wants to educate and help queer BIPOC youth – especially those at home struggling with their sexuality and mental health. Having studied theatre extensively for three years at Brit School, he took time to find himself and figure out what kind of work he’d like to produce. Although currently a bar supervisor at the National Theatre, he hopes to forge meaningful theatre and film to break down stereotypes and help people gain insight into the minds of people like him. Several projects are under construction, encompassing ideas of liberation: Liberating our people, our sexuality, and most importantly ourselves.

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