Meri Suonenlahti

Meri would describe herself as a “third-culture kid” having grown up moving around, however she is mainly based in Finland. She has always been interested in learning about new cultures and languages, in fact she has studied over 7 of them throughout the years, and is always eager to exchange phrases with you in your language. For high school, Meri attended the United World College in Mostar, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she fell in love with yet another country. In her free-time, Meri enjoys all kinds of activities, ranging from film-photography to crocheting, fun fact she can crochet a hat in 3 hours! Academically Meri has always been passionate about social sciences, and closely follows current events of the world, and will not hesitate to share ideas and have insightful conversations. She has been involved in various organisations volunteering, learning, etc. and has especially been active with the European Youth Parliament. Since graduating high school, Meri has taken a gap-year to focus on herself and will be attending university in the fall.

Session D

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