This course is meant for students interested in understanding the climate crisis/the 6th mass extinction from a standpoint of natural history. You will learn about climatology, plate tectonics and evolution, though other significant topics related to enviromentalism like permaculture are also sprinkled in. In detail, we will touch on:

• How biodiversity arises. What is evolution and how do genes work.
• What is a niche, genetics of populations, convergent evolution, and speciation.
• The planetary impact of extremely successful organisms in the past.
• What actions and phenomena promote and what inhibit diversity.
• Neolithic and industrial revolution, globalisation and postcolumbian exchange.
• Conservation vs restoration, gene banks and how to advocate for biodiversity.

Samuel Paulini

Studies at Masaryk University in Brno and cares about climate e.i. politics, city planning, cycling, public transport, not flying and more. He loves to grow plants for food or for delight, but especially for sth. to harvest. This is why he now strives to set up an orchard on Sardinia and why he spends one day from the week and more in a family garden caring for all the trees and beds of veggies. Additionally he would like to spread knowledge about sustainability, biodiversity and evolution/genetics to more people, so that they themselves could also experience the same joy of wonder and amazement at what nature is capable of.

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