For applicants

Hi dear applicant!

This part of the website is just for you. Since we know very well that you have many questions, we want to ensure that you do not have to write to us for each of them. Therefore, in the following sections, you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers. If your question is not here, do not hesitate to write to us at the e-mail address below.


This year, as before, the primary communication with us is conducted on two channels – a website with a log-in portal used for the passive exchange of information and mail used for active communication. You will find most of what you need or want to find out in these two places.

We know that no one will ask this question, but it is still essential. To better respond to your questions, we need to know what they are about from the beginning to divide them among ourselves. Besides, according to the individual categories’ frequency, we can determine whether it is necessary to state some information more clearly.

Your subject does not have to consist only of a keyword, there may also be a supplement, but the basis is just that keyword.

For all questions regarding the application, state “Login” in the subject line of the e-mail.

  • Application assistance, evaluation, application deadlines and ambiguities
  • E.g. I do not understand the question in the application

For all payment questions, please include “Payment” in the subject line of the e-mail.

  • Payment, cross-border payment system, maturity, etc.
  • E.g. my payment is refunded, what should I do

For all requests to change the information already entered, enter “Change” in the subject line of the e-mail.

  • Therefore, if the data is not definitive, use other subjects.
  • E.g. request to change payment amount after login

For all questions regarding the session itself, state “LAD” in the subject line of the e-mail.

  • Arrivals and departures, courses, accommodation, transport, etc.
  • E.g. can I live in a room with a friend?
  • Information on this category will in most cases, be known only during spring / early summer.

For all urgent questions regarding anything (even if it happens to be from the categories above), state “Urgent” in the subject line.

  • Application errors, delays, etc.
  • E.g. I forgot to pay on time, what should I do?

For all other questions regarding anything, state “Question” in the subject line.

Of course, nothing will happen. However, it may happen that it will take us longer to process your e-mail. At the same time, you add a little work to us, because if the e-mail is not automatically sorted by subject, we do it manually. In the first e-mail, we receive from you (and it will not follow our policy), we will therefore remind you that it would be great to use the created system.


The key is to realise that this is nothing to be ashamed of. Try going through the web sections FAQ, For registered users, Application or write to someone you know from Discover, they will surely be happy to help you. If these options did not work, do not hesitate to write to us at, state “Login” in the subject and we will help you as much as we can.

Once your application has been successfully submitted, we will first check to see if any information is missing. Then we move it to evaluation. Each application is evaluated by two evaluators, who assess only three motivational questions. Of course, we consider applications anonymously. You will always find out the Decision on your application on the 15th day of the month after the end of the application deadline (if you apply in January, you must wait until mid-March).

The evaluators have the task of evaluating each question separately and do so independently of each other. As all questions are focused on motivation, the primary emphasis is placed on the ability to clarify your thoughts in written form and also on the ability to know how to define expectations or motivation. Our recommendation is, therefore, simple – your answer should be honest and reasonably long. Abbreviation or breakdown takes away from the first aspect.


In Turnus B’s case (the international one), language skills are also assessed, so we recommend answering to such an extent that these skills can be demonstrated.


Finally, we want to point out that you don’t have to worry that your expectations don’t cover the whole of Discover. It is clear to us that we all see Discover differently and the evaluators will take these views into account, but not evaluate them. We want to meet you.

No, we don’t evaluate when did you send your application. On the other hand, it may happen that even if you have the best application possible, but you send it late, you will not get to your primary session. People are selected for the session every month, and once we notify them that they will be part of the session, only they can change this fact (by not paying, moving to the secondary tour)

You will get on a Waiting list if your application was successful, but the session is full. The waiting list works by waiting for someone from session to unsubscribe/move(only Czech and Slovak students). In this case, you will take his/her place if you were the first in the Waiting list.

Note: The waiting list works dynamically. This means that once you have been in the first place, it may happen that someone will overtake you. This is because his/her application has a higher rating. Don’t worry, the time character is taken into account in this case, and if, for example, you are waiting from January, someone from May will hardly overtake you in it.

Unfortunately not, but if your application was not successful, you could try to apply again in the next application deadline. This also applies if we have accepted you, but are listed on the Waiting list. For example, if you fail to be accepted in January/February, you can try again in March, April and May.

Warning: Evaluators will not know that you have to report more than once, so the evaluation will not be affected by this fact.

We are sorry that we were unable to answer your question. Write to us at and state “Login” in the subject of the e-mail, and we will answer it as soon as possible.


When you send your application, you are not yet a participant, so we do not need payment from you. Payment information will be sent to you together with the Decision on your application in the e-mail, and you will also find it in your Log-in portal.

Payment instructions are sent together with the Decision on your application, which means on the 15th day of the month after the end of the application round. You then have time to pay until the end of the month, unless otherwise stated. You will only find out whether your payment has arrived in the first half of the following month via the Log-In portal.

Example: Janka signed up in March. She is well aware that we will send her the Decision on her application in mid-April; therefore, she will wait. As soon as the Decision on her application is received on 15 April and Janka is accepted, she has time to send the payment to the given account until the end of April. Janka will send it the next day, but it doesn’t matter, because the payments are not processed until the next month, in this case in May. Janka knows this because she has read the FAQ and the For Registered section. Around mid-May, she will receive a notification on the Log-in portal that her payment has been paid, she will not receive any e-mail. If she did not send her payment or we do not register it yet, she would receive an email asking her to pay by the end of the May. Otherwise, her application would be cancelled.

Please note: As a Student Care Team, we do not have access to the account, but we receive a list of payments received once a month. Therefore, if you want to find out if we are registering your payment, you must wait until the middle of the next month. We also cannot approve your payment based on the Payment Confirmation or your Account Statement. If your situation is urgent, we can try to find out this information sooner.

As you know, the reduction or increase is not automatically approved; we must approve it for you. You will find out the decision about your fee in the Decision on your application, and it will also contain information on the amount.

It is clear to us that a lot can change in those weeks. Therefore, first of all, we ask you to take into account that you will probably pay for Discover next month (at the time of writing the application). If your calculations fail, do not hesitate to write to us at and enter Payment in the subject line. We will attend to you as soon as possible.

Account number: 2665455121/1100 (Tatra banka)

Title: Slovak Debate Association

Address: Štúrova 3, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Bank branch address: Hodžovo námestie 3, 811 06 Bratislava


IBAN: SK40 1100 0000 0026 6545 5121

Message for recipient: “Discover 2021 Surname of the participant.”

Variable symbol: YYMMDD (participant’s date of birth)

Constant symbol: omit or 558

Bank charges: paid by the payer

You send the payment only after the approval of the application!

You must send the payment with a message to the recipient in the form of “Discover 2021 surname” (i.e. your surname). Otherwise, we may not register the fee has been paid or not.

We are sorry that we were unable to answer your question. Write to us at and state “Payments” in the email’s subject line, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible.


Yes! You can freely change your courses until the end of May as much as you want. It doesn’t matter that you talked about the other two in the application, you won’t have to add or write anything, you just need to exchange them in the Log-in portal. In case you have decided to exchange your course after May, you will have to write to us at and state in the subject “Change” and state for which you would like to exchange them. However, we are afraid that we will not be able to do anything here after the end of June because then we have already finished the final division of students into individual courses.

We are very sorry about that. You have several options: if your problem is the financial situation, do not hesitate to write to us later with a request to reduce the fee, we will do what we can. If even that doesn’t help and you still need to cancel your participation, write to us at and introduce “Change” to the subject.

We return the participation fee (if you have already paid) according to the date of cancellation of participation: until 31th of May 75%, until 30th of June 50%, within two days before the start of the session 25% of its amount.

We are sorry that we were unable to answer your question. Write to us at and state “Change” in the email’s subject line, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible.

Discover Summer Academy

All information about this section will be updated on an ongoing basis, as it would not be complete at this time. Therefore, watch this page regularly!

If you have any questions now, do not hesitate to write to us at and state “LAD” in the subject.

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  • Transport to Discover
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