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Barbora Obračajová

Baru’s high school teacher used to say that she is an alternative source of energy. That might be the reason why Baru is now a lawyer at the field of energy and environmental law, where she loves to dig into the technical realities and innovative approaches. As a former intern at the Permanent Mission of Czech Republic to the UN, and Ministry for Foreign Affairs, she is fond of how law and policy meet and influence each other. In her spare time, she enjoys learning languages, spends her time with dead Russians who mastered the virtue of the written word, and jumps three feet high whenever she sees a French bulldog. She is co-coordinating the International Session, and tutors a course on Environmental Policy.

Krystof Vosatka

Krystof Vosatka is a teacher. First he wanted to be a professinal ice hockey player, then he didn't know what to do with himself. At school he didn't pay much attention and nearly flunked maths. He studied many things at Oxford, trained as a teacher in London and then studied some more things at Cambridge. He's involved in several projects in progressive education and secretly believes that literature is the key to most things in life. When he's not feeling great, he puts on a backpack and makes for the hills. Whenever possible he likes to eat, read and sleep.

Alex Gabriel

Alex Gabriel grew up in a remote northern English town, but now splits his time between London and Berlin. Since leaving Oxford University with a BA in English and Modern Languages in 2013, he’s worked in publishing and independent journalism, editing, illustrating and translating a number of books and writing about social movements and new media. Alex has worked with young people in high schools, university programmes and summer camps like Discover for nearly a decade. His teaching interests include new and alternative literatures, literary traditions in minority communities and storytelling as a social act. Taught in an interdisciplinary style, his course draws heavily on performance and popular culture, and hopes to appeal to those turned off by the teaching of literature as the rote study of ‘great works’.

Andrzej Novak

Andrzej is searching for yet unobserved decays of the Higgs boson with the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at CERN, for the RWTH university in Aachen, Germany. He previously studied at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and briefly worked with the world's largest "telescope". It is called IceCube and is used for neutrino astronomy, its active volume is one cubic kilometer of ice, hence IceCube. In his spare time Andrzej likes to ski and play beach volleyball. From time to time he also attempts photography and playing the guitar, but arts were never his strong suite. He will tutor the course of Experimental Particle Physics.

Daniel Jahn

Daniel wanted to do many things in his life, mathematics not being one of them. Now he is a master's student of probability theory at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague and mathematics permeates every part of his life. Precisely because of Daniel's unusual path to mathematics, he now tries to awaken the hidden mathematician in others, too. Apart from this theoretic studies, Daniel loves to apply math to the real world. His past and present projects include human mobility, polycrystalline materials, financial derivatives, and neuron connectivity, among others. When he's not pondering over the mathematical reality, Daniel is usually immersed in music, which he plays, listens to, teaches, and most of all, loves.

Dorottya Pólos

Dorottya is a Second-year life sciences PhD student with a BSc. in Biochemistry from Imperial College London. She currently studies Zebrafish haematopoiesis at Imperial College London on an NC3Rs funded project. In short, she uses Zebrafish as a model organism because the use of transparent fish lines in combination with fluorescent protein labelled haematopoietic cells enable her to carry out microscopy of those cells in vivo. This enables her to study the behaviour of fluorescent labelled cells in various immunological settings.

Emma Nabi-Bourgois

Emma studied politics, philosophy and German at UCL. After tantalizing flirts with Hume and Nietzsche, she has finally given in to her true love and is studying for a master's degree in modern European history at King’s College London. When she isn't busy trying to learn all the languages spoken in the former Habsburg Monarchy, or trying to unravel the mysteries of national movements and identities, she tries to read for fun and do a bit of traveling.

Jana Lohrová

Jana got her BA in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health from Yale, where she was a Global Health Fellow, as well an avid singer of Yale Women's Slavic Chorus, the university's oldest all-female organization. After a gap year with the epidemiology division of Connecticut Department of Public Health, she's now finishing her joint master's degree with Yale School of Public Health in Epidemiology of Microbial Disease with a concentration in Global Health. Her research is in hookworm epidemiology in broader populations in central Ghana, and her general interests are in health equity, intersection of health and climate change, and planetary health. After her high school stint with the Czech national debate team and Model UN and NATO, she ventured into all things folk in college, ranging from Irish step and set dancing to Klezmer accordion and singing sea shanties. She also enjoys Needless Capitalization of Words.

Jon Šotola

Jon Samuel Šotola studied mathematics, economics and philosophy at Amsterdam University College. Where he has used the Liberal Arts and Sciences program to study fields ranging from migration to discrete mathematics to Kurdish national movement to machine learning. Currently Jon works as an executive officer at Scio, an education company, and is in charge of evaluation products for schools. During his high school studies at Johannes Kepler Gymnasium, Jon took part in debate competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad as well as raided in World of Warcraft. Jon's bachelor's thesis attempts to apply machine learning in macroe-conomics. His hobbies include freeride snowboarding, cooking and gardening.

Lasha Shakulashvili

Lasha Shakulashvili is a former Youth Representative of Georgia to the United Nations. Growing up in an intercultural city of Tbilisi and being interested in learning more about different cultures, religions and languages motivated him to pursue his studies in international relations and law. He has studied at various universities of Georgia, England, Latvia and Germany. Lasha has actively been involved in youth activities and is member of youth organizations such as AIESEC, European Law Students' Association (ELSA) and has participated in the Price Media Law Moot Court Programme at the University of Oxford. Lasha has participated in seminars, trainings and volunteered in around 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Northern America.

Margherita Philipp

Margherita moved from Germany to the UK to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford. She went on to work in the social enterprise sector and later focussed on setting up and conducting impact evaluations for charities. Meanwhile she is training as a maths and economics teacher at a London high school, trying to enthuse pubescent teenagers about the beauty of algebra. Margherita has a strong passion for education, mental health and international development and loved volunteering in Kenya and South Africa. In her free time she likes to cycle, swim, do acro yoga, learn languages and sing.

Martina Kavanová

Martina is in her third and final year studying Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. Before she studied at PORG in Prague. Last summer she worked as a management consultant and is now planning to study Neuroscience at a graduate level and perhaps go volunteering for a year. Martina is president of the Oxford Czech and Slovak Society, she is also part of a team coordinating Yoda Mentorship Programme for Czech high-school students. She is a theatre lover and does ballroom dancing for the university team.

Petr Vilím

Petr comes from Ostrava, CZ, and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University of Oxford, from where he graduated last year. During his studies, Petr enjoyed Philosophy the most (especially the area of metaethics, which you can learn more about, if you pick his course!), and he also co-founded Yoda Mentorship – a non-profit for Czech youth providing active secondary-school students with a mentor to kick-start their personal and academic development. Since October, Petr has been based in Prague working for an international management consultancy. If he had more time, he’d read more scif-fi, travel in Asia and cook.

Veronika Žolnerčíková

Veronika is a graduate from Law Faculty at Charles University, currently works as a junior lawyer and researches legal aspects of artificial intelligence with the hope of getting a PhD title someday in the future. Although her prime field of expertise is law, Veronika has many other interests and tries to pursue them as well, whenever she decides that free time is an expendable luxury. Her biggest passion is acting, she has been a member of several theatre groups, which mostly have short and curious names (such as Fae, Korek, Slepýš). She has experience with classical and dance theatre, but she also had some new-circus training. Veronika also loves teaching, learning new languages, drawing and she organizes activities for youth during the year.