Discover is organised by enthusiasts who studied at well-known but also less-known foreign, Czech and Slovak universities. Even though the profiles of our team members have only a few lines, they represent years of experiences and achievements, but leave out the failures that each one from the team had to go through. If you therefore think that Discover is not for you because you feel that you will never be like our lecturers and organisers, you are mistaken and we are sure of that. Why are we so confident? Join us for Discover and we will show you how even for us it all started with an interest in dancing, physics, law, literature or game development and someone who helped us transform this interest into passion.

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Alex Gabriel

Alex grew up in a small northern English town, escaped to Oxford to read English and German, then ran away from there as fast as possible, washing up at Discover five years later in 2018. In addition to working in small publishing and writing about politics, Alex has worked with young people in high schools, university programmes and summer camps on-and-off for the last decade, with teaching interests that include emerging literatures, literary traditions in minority communities and storytelling as a social act. Alex likes horror films, makeup and circus skills—often in some combination—and could be seen wandering Discover 2018’s corridors in seven inch heels. This year, they plan to graduate to stilts.

Anet Bernardová

Anet je právnička a zajímá se hlavně o medicínské právo, ostatně medicínu taky pár let studovala. Na Discover jezdí hlavně jako zdravotnice. Zároveň koordinuje lektory a organizátory napříč turnusy. Ve volném čase jezdí na koni (nejradši na Islandu) a hraje beachvolejbal. Jinak pracuje v Poslanecké sněmovně a taky na Eurosportu jako sportovní komentátorka. Je teoretická expertka na boj s prokrastinací a jakmile se k tomu dokope, určitě na to udělá workshop na Discoveru.

Barbora Vráblová

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Bia la Feria

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Dáša Kotíková

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David Koryťák

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Destiny Noble

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Dom Miketa

Dom graduated from the grammar school Gymnasium nad Kavalirkou in Prague and found himself moving to England. There he spent four years in Oxford working towards a degree in Physics and Philosophy with generous support from the Bakala Foundation. He eventually realised his interests lay in mathematical and theoretical physics and applied to study Part III Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, in which he was supported by the Bakala Foundation as well as the Krsek Foundation. Following this terrifying experience Dom started a PhD in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London in October 2016, where he investigates supersymmetric quantum field theories in three dimensions.

Lizzy Metcalf

You could be forgiven for misplacing Lizzy's hometown, as although she grew up in Newcastle she does not sound quite like a Geordie. After 18 years in the gloomy North, she went to London where between playing piano and dabbling in rowing, she studied Chemistry. After several summers working with young adults on the NCS programme, an exchange in beautiful Vancouver and a few months working in an EdTech startup, she packed up and moved to Zurich, Switzerland. This is where she's spent the last year and a half convincing her colleagues at the HealthTech startup where she works to use fewer plastic bags, exploring the Alps by hiking, climbing and attempting to ski, navigating life in Zurich with no knowledge of Swiss German and trying to cultivate an amiable relationship with running. Many (if not all) of these are still a work in progress.

Emma Nabi

Emma studied politics, philosophy and German at UCL. After tantalizing flirts with Hume and Nietzsche, she finally gave in to her true love and obtained a master's degree in modern European history from King’s College London. Academically, Emma is most interested in nationalism, gender, and the Habsburg Monarchy. While she tries to put together her PhD proposal, Emma does the marketing strategy for an education company in Prague. In her free time, she likes to tick items off her reading list, learn languages, go on walks (forests preferred), visit museums and spend time with pets. Emma also occasionally embraces her ability to watch some of the cringiest TV shows the internet can offer.

Iva Rolederová

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Jana Lohrová

Jana got her BA in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health from Yale, where she was a Global Health Fellow, as well an avid singer of Yale Women's Slavic Chorus, the university's oldest all-female organization. After a gap year with the epidemiology division of Connecticut Department of Public Health, got her joint master's degree with Yale School of Public Health in Epidemiology of Microbial Disease with a concentration in Global Health. Her general interests are in health equity, intersection of health and climate change, and planetary health. After her high school stint with the Czech national debate team and Model UN and NATO, she ventured into all things folk in college, ranging from Irish step and set dancing to Klezmer accordion and singing sea shanties. These days she works with a social enterprise to promote active transit and healthy lifestyles in schools in Inverness, Scotland.

Jiří Daniel

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Jon Šotola

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Lasha Shakulashvili

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Laureen Hollge

Laureen studied at Yale-NUS College in Singapore, where she majored in Urban Studies. She loves studying the ideologies of today’s world, which she does by examining urban environments and the power structures in them. Her academic interests brought her to exploration of alternatives to capitalism as well as the topic of divided societies and rise of populism. To understand the latter more, she pursued an ethnographic pilgrimage across Czech countryside – an experience she cannot stop talking about. In her career, she worked in development work in Laos, as an urban planner in Chile, and as a strategy analyst for a Czech educational NGO. Currently, she is working in Prague in a management consulting firm. When she takes off her business attire, she meditates, writes poetry, sculptures, tries to be a salsa queen, and enjoys having meaningful conversations over beer.

Lorenzo Reverberi

Lorenzo grew up in Ferrara (Italy) where he completed his studies and obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics in 2014. He spent two years doing research at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and is now a Postdoctoral Researcher in Cosmology at the Central European Institute for Cosmology (CEICO), part of the Czech Academy of Sciences.When he isn't thinking about the Universe, he likes to play piano and guitar, cook with and for friends, read, and be in nature.

Margherita Philipp

After working an an impact evaluation consultant for a while, Margherita now spends a lot of her time trying to enthuse pubescent teenagers about the beauty of algebra. She has a strong passion for education, mental health and international development and loved volunteering in Kenya and South Africa. In her free time she likes to cycle, swim, do acro yoga, learn languages and sing.

Martin Huncovský

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Martin Krištien

After finishing IB (International Baccalaureate) in Bratislava Martin went to study Computer Science in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. Graduating with a Bachelor and later Master degree he decided to stay at the university to attempt getting a PhD. His areas of interest are low-level programming, Operating Systems, and compilers. Alongside his studies, Martin is an active member of his university team competing in SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition, where they try to design a new form of transportatiton.

Maruška Polášková

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Matúš Divéky

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Michal Števove

Michal is a cheery person full of positive energy and an unwavering belief in the value of hard work. After finishing International Baccalaureate Diploma at Grammer School of Jur Hronec in Bratislava, Michal spent the next four years at University College London (UCL) studying a liberal arts degree with courses all over the place, only to then pursue a master's degree at University of Edinburgh in Science and Technology in Society. During his IB years, Michal dipped his toes into debating, a passion he kept until now, having volunteered for Slovak Debate Association and competed across countries, schools and continents. At UCL, Michal combined psychology, business, data analysis, economics, politics, policy, science and technology studies, and French, and also got to spend a year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Michal loves sports and plays football and football, and has recently started training kickboxing again. As a hobby, Michal is an avid reader of manga. At Discover Michal will be teaching Problem Solving.

Oliver Matonoha

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Petr Vilím

Petr comes from Ostrava, CZ, and studied Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, from where he graduated in 2017. During his studies, Petr enjoyed Philosophy the most (especially the area of metaethics, which you can learn more about, if you pick his course!), and he also co-founded Yoda Mentorship – a non-profit for Czech youth providing active secondary-school students with a mentor to kick-start their personal and academic development. Since October, Petr has been living in Prague working as a consultant. If he had more time (and napped less), he’d read more scif-fi, travel in Asia and cook.

Stefani Spirovska

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Teresa Jorge Barbosa Pintao

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Tereza Miketa

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