About Discover

Discover is a unique week-long summer academy where curious and active high-school students experience the stimulating atmosphere of the world’s best universities. The values that drive us are passion for learning, active citizenship and appreciation of diversity.

Discover offers a wide range of courses, from Neuroscience to Economics to Fine Art. Through experiments, simulations and discussions, the courses allow students to explore fields which the students might be considering for university studies or which they simply find fascinating. As far as we know, Discover is the only event in our part of Europe where high-school students can learn under the guidance of tutors who have studied at well-known, but also less known universities around the world, and who have gone on to work for a variety of employers from large multinational organisations such as OECD or Google, to public administrations, non-governmental organisations and revolutionary educational institutes.

We teach the participants to think about the world around them and see opportunities to make it a better place, in the future or while still at high school. During the courses and team discussions, we emphasise the importance of team work, community and personal responsibility.

Our participants are, above all, curious young people, who want to get deeper insights into how the world operates than their school usually allows. It is important for us that all interested students with the potential to grow thanks to Discover can participate, irrespective of their social background. That is why Discover offers stipends in the form of lower registration fee for those who would otherwise find attending Discover financially difficult. In 2018 the sum of all stipends we gave out was almost 5000 EUR, while the average decrease of the registration fee for those who applied for it was 50%.

Launched in 2011 with 30 students, Discover has seen a rapid growth. In 2015, two sessions of the academy
welcomed 190 Slovak and Czech students. It repeatedly receives outstanding feedback from the participants in the evaluation forms, and majority of the past students who have not yet graduated from high school return each year. 9 in 10 students say Discover has affected their future plans and 77% report Discover influenced their plans for the university. Discover alumni include current students at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, UCL and Science Po.

In the summer of 2016, we launched with great expectations the first international session o Discover alongside 2 Czecho-Slovak ones. We had 50 participants from all over the world including Russia, Poland, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, the Philippines as well as Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

In 2019, we are launching the fourth international session of Discover Summer Academy. With tutors from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia and Romania, as well as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it will take place in English and it is open to students from all countries. The international session will take place at St. John’s College, a former Benedictine monastery in the village of Sv. Jan pod Skalou. It is located in a stunningly beautiful valley a short hike away from the royal castle of Karlštejn and a half-an-hour bus ride from Prague.



In the morning, you will attend two courses which you select in your application. Each course consists of six 90-minute lessons. In a highly interactive form, it will explore the key questions of the given field and allow you to search for the answers. You will find out why the questions are important and what evidence you can(not) trust when seeking the answers. Do you want to know whether memory can be erased? Or whether there are circumstances under which the government is allowed to torture its citizens? Start by selecting your courses.


In the afternoon, workshops will provide you with an opportunity to expand your horizons in areas other than your chosen courses. The topics will differ every day, and they will range from famous psychological experiments to start-ups and from salsa to studying in the UK. In addition, team workshops will allow you to discuss, in a small group, some of the pressing ethical dilemmas with which you may wrestle in your everyday live.

…and much more!

Discover is about much more than courses and workshops. Sports, team competitions, drama, evening campfires and hiking are equally indispensable part of the Discover experience.


The individual daily activities are not what truly defines Discover. It is the unique atmosphere of never-ending fascinating discussions that occur whenever bright and curious minds – tutors and students alike – meet for a week in the midst of beautiful countryside that represents Discover the best. As one of our tutors once put it: „Since I graduated from Harvard, I have not encountered an environment as intellectually stimulating as Discover.“