Information regarding coronavirus

Dear friends, 

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the uneasy decision to suspend the participation of international students, tutors and organising team at this year’s sessions of Discover Summer Academy. International students and team have been a great part of Discover for the past few years. We would not have made this decision had we not deemed it the most appropriate and responsible at this time. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused to those affected by this decision.

Three sessions have been reorganised for Czech and Slovak students, with some courses in English! We invite all of you who are interested to consult the Czech and Slovak version of the website for more information.

All our international friends, you will be truly missed this year. We cannot wait for 2021 when we will all reunite at Discover! Keep your spirits up and hopes high, wash your hands and stay curious. No global pandemic can put down your inner Discover flames.