Do I need top grades to apply to Discover?

Certainly not, we don?t even ask about grades. What matters to us is whether you are interested in the world around you and whether you want to explore it in the company of like-minded people.

Many tutors have studied at Oxford. Is Discover only for people who want to study abroad?

Not at all. We want to help you make an informed decision about what and where you will study, whether you want to stay in your country or try your luck abroad.

Can I apply even if I have no idea about what I want to study or what I want to do in my life?

Of course, that?ss what Discover?s for. It?ll give you a unique opportunity to test what it?s like to pursue your favourite subjects at university level. You?ll also get a chance to try your hand at many more things in our workshops. What matters is your curiosity and desire to grow and learn.

How strong should my English be in order to participate in Discover?

We certainly don?t expect you to be on the level of a native speaker. That said, you need to be able to actively participate in courses taught in English. English skills equivalent to B2 (e.g. FCE) or above should be appropriate. In other words, if you?re able to watch TED talks without subtitles and discuss substantive issues in English, you?ll be fine.

How old do I need to be in order to attend Discover?

Discover is open to students who are expecting to graduate from high school (and therefore be eligible to enter university) in any year between 2020 and 2023.

Is Discover only open to students from specific countries?

No, we welcome applications from any country, although we particularly encourage students from countries in geographic proximity to the Czech Republic and Slovakia to apply.

What should I do if I would like to apply but I cannot afford to pay the participation fee?

We don?t want anyone to be prevented from participating by the income of their family. That?s why we offer a large number of need-based scholarships that can substantially lower the participation fee. You can apply for the scholarship in your application based on the financial circumstances of your family. Applying for a scholarship will not in any way influence the outcome of your chances of being admitted to Discover.